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Posted on: Mon 18 Sep 2006

Bees manager Leroy Rosenior expressed his disappointment with not picking up all three points on Saturday, despite a pleasing performance from the players.

"I was disappointed we didn't win the game because there was only one team who would win it. I'm pleased with the performance in terms of coming back after Tuesday. We needed a decent performance and it was a fairly mature performance.

We passed it well but lacked that cutting edge up front. We didn't have anybody attacking it in the box. But when you've lost for the first time it's important you approach it in a positive way and I think we did. We had some chances and it didn't quite happen for us.  We were by far the better team in terms of possession and we passed it very well. In terms of a 90 mins performance I thought it was very good.

We keep working with them and what pleased me with the young players was it was a mature performance. In midfield we bossed it and at the back we bossed it. Matty (Heywood) was a tower of strength, up against Fletcher who's a good player.

They were delighted to go home with a point; you saw them celebrating at the end. They know they've been in a game and got a point. I thought they passed it well but to be honest I though we passed it better - and quicker. And they're one of the better passing teams in this division, so that pleased me."


Leroy was especially pleased that the players responded well, following their first defeat of the season at home to Swansea on Tuesday.

"I thought we reacted very well after losing our first game. The lads weren't down heartened; they've looked forward to the game and performed well. I always say when you've lost one it's important to go and get something from the next game and we did that. 

I thought it worked really well today. I asked Alex to go and play up front today and he won some good headers.  You work with players and you want them to take things on board. Their understanding of the game is a lot greater than when we came. We didn't win the game but we got a performance out of all of them. We played with a maturity and passed the ball well.

Leroy reserved specific praise for Thomas Pinault, Sam Tillen and Paul Brooker.

Yes, Thomas is a delight to work with. He's getting fitter after missing all of last season. We can get more out of Thomas. But they key to his game is players wanting the ball - and today everyone wanted it.

I thought Sam Tillen came back very well. I spoke to him on Thursday morning and asked him why I took him off. He said 'because I was rubbish' and I said 'spot on - now you're playing on Saturday'. He held his hands up and said he was rubbish but came back today and put in a good performance. And that shows character and courage.

Paul Brooker's had a run of games - and we believe in him. That's why he's now doing so well. He's got tremendous ability and we trust him. The key sometimes is getting him the ball in wide places. He wants to join in in the middle, but he's got to allow Thomas and Simon (Cox) to get the ball to him. His general play is excellent. He and Kevin (O'Connor) down that right hand side have a really nice understanding.

I'm excited that Andy Frampton's coming back, that Oli Skulason's coming back, that Lloyd Owusu will come back. When we get those back it will make us so much stronger. We've worked the last six weeks with a bunch of kids and they've been superb. It bodes well for the future.

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Many thanks to Simon Webster

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