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Posted on: Fri 10 Feb 2006

Well good morning. Yesterday I informed George Moleski and Ryan Watts that they will not be offered professional contracts for next season. George has been involved in the First Team squad and has a great attitude, and as a person he is an absolute credit but unfortunately at this moment in time I am unable to offer him a contract. But he has the ability to bounce back and I've invited him back for pre season training and we will constantly monitor him over the next couple of seasons with his new team which we will try our hardest to help him get with immediate effect.


Ryan Watts is at the end of his 2nd year scholarship. Unfortunately now we cannot offer third year scholarships as this has been stopped by the powers that be. We would have definitely given him a 3rd year on a scholarship to help him develop further physically. He has a fantastic left foot and he has got an eye for goal, and as a person he has a good attitude, conducts himself well and is very disciplined. I have invited him back for pre season training and we will be doing our utmost to help him get fixed up with a club with immediate effect and without a shadow of a doubt we will be monitoring his progress.

But these boys have been a credit to our Football Club and I'm sure everybody will wish them the very best of luck for the future.

Take care.


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