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Posted on: Wed 24 Aug 2005

There are no excuses for such a disappointing result and performance last night. It is the first time my team has ever lost 5-0. The goals conceded were weak and sloppy, and in the second half we lacked a cutting edge.

It is my responsibility to prepare the players, physically, tactically and most importantly mentally for every game in whatever competition we are involved in. Quite clearly last night was not up to the standard required or the high standards that have been set at this Football Club by myself.


For the people who made that trip unfortunately there is not a lot I can say except you pay your money and I believe you are entitled to better than that.

We now face two games in three days and this experience has made me even more determined to continue what has been put in place. I stopped the bus on the way out of Cheltenham last night and spoke to every individual involved, face to face, and I expect everybody to learn from the experience and to never forget it. Tomorrow we must all start back, ready for the preparation for Saturday's game.

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