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Posted on: Fri 27 May 2005

It`s late Friday afternoon. Scott Fitzgerald Senior has been in at lunchtime to sign a one year contract to be next year's Youth Team manager. He will be responsible for developing the young players you saw against Hull City as well as the influx of new scholars. It makes me very happy to be able to give people a chance when they have finished their playing career at this stage in their life. Scott Fitzgerald will do very well.

There has been no time for moaning and groaning and walking around with a long face. Monday was a tough day but it is my responsibility to ensure that we put together a good squad of players for next season. Everyone is talking about holidays and breaks but this is the time to nail the deals. I am close to several and when they come in and sign on the dotted line I'll let you know.


I'm taking my wife and four boys away for a week tomorrow and whilst I'm away I'll be working by telephone with Adrian, John Griffin and Andrew Finch to ensure the deals get done.

Over the past couple of weeks I've had several meetings with our new Chief Executive Andrew Finch. He has been very supportive, very helpful to me personally, very professional and I'm looking forward to working closely with him in the future.

Without a shadow of a doubt we are going to have a good team on the pitch when it all kicks off on August 6th.

I must thank everybody for the kind letters and emails they have sent me. I`ve tried to reply to as many as I could and if I haven`t responded yet I apologise.

Anyway I will update you as soon as I can regarding any transfer targets.

Best wishes

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