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Posted on: Wed 17 Nov 2004
Martin Allen revealed at a press conference on Monday afternoon that Barry Quin, Head of Youth Development at Brentford Football Club, would extend his duties to include that of the Club's under-18 team.

Speaking at the conference, Martin said, "Over the past three weeks. Barry Quin, who is the head of youth development, has been very impressive looking after our youth team as well as combining this with looking after all our schoolboy players, coaches and staff and I am delighted to announce that Barry will now further extend his responsibilities for all our players from the age of seven years old all the way through to nineteen."

"Barry is UEFA 'A' licence holder and over the past three weeks he has been extremely impressive combining both jobs and I am delighted he will be responsible for the more senior boys."

Barry, who has worked for the Club since 1986, will be assisted by Richard Dobson and Scot Fitzgerald. The Bees centre-back is expected to be involved with the under-16s and under-18 sides.

You can watch highlights of the press conference on Bees World from 7pm this evening.
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