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Posted on: Fri 28 May 2010

Name? Karleigh Osborne

Team Supported? Arsenal

What is your nickname? Crewbacka

Player to look out for in the future? Ryan Blake

Best friend in football? There are no friends


Favourite Cheese? Blue

Favourite Newspaper? The Sun

Favourite Car? BMW

Favourite Holiday Destination? Barbados

Favourite website?

Favourite Celebrity? David Beckham

Favourite TV Programme? My wife and kids

Season 2009/10

Best Result? 1-1 Leeds Away

Leeds United v Brentford

Best Goal? Charlie Macdonald at home to Bristol Rovers

Most Improved? Leon Legge

Brentford Squad
Best Trainer?
Kevin O'Connor

Worst Trainer? Myles Weston

Slowest Player? Sam Saunders

Quickest Player? Myles Weston

Most Skillful? John Bostock

The Joker? Charlie MacDonald

Most Intelligent? David Hunt

Least Intelligent? Myles Weston

Worst Dress Sense? Alan Bennett

Worse Taste Music? Simon Moore

Worst Dancer? Ryan Blake

Best Dancer? Karleigh Osborne

Hardest Player? Kevin O'Connor

Biggest Moaner? Sam Saunders

Longest In The Shower? Karleigh Osborne

Favourite member of staff? Alasdair Lane

Check back tomorrow for 60 seconds with our youth team player.. James Whyte

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