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Posted on: Wed 19 May 2010

Having recently announced the news that the dug outs were to be relocated we would like to take this opportunity to explain in further detail the reasons behind the decision and the lack of information in the initial instance that the move was announced;

Early in the year Brentford Football Club`s Executive Committee were asked to investigate the possibility of moving the Dug outs further along the pitch to a more centralised position. The executive team agreed the decision to erect and relocate new dugouts in time for the start of the 2010/11 season and begun the process of obtaining quotes and timescales for any work. However confirmation was only received very recently that the new dug outs could be manufactured and delivered during the closed season. Whilst no plans or detail were available at this time the decision was made to write to all Season Ticket holders that might be affected by this move at the very earliest opportunity to limit any further inconvenience. We do understand however that this has left a number of supporters with very little detail and would like to take this opportunity to apologise and explain the decision and associated plans in more detail.


Dug Out

The decision to re-site them away from their current location within the Paddock was taken after careful consideration of all the elements and in full consultation with Andy Scott who is himself a member of the Executive Committee.

Dug Out

I spoke to Andy as to his thoughts on the reasoning behind the move. Andy said: "With the current location of the dugouts I have felt for some time that it makes it difficult to communicate with all of the players throughout the whole game. Having looked at several options and understanding that logistically it would be impractical to relocate centrally within The Paddock because of the close proximity of the exit and costs of building work required to make the necessary changes it was felt that The Bill Axbey Stand would offer the best opportunity with the least amount of disruption. The home section of the dugout will straddle the half way line whilst the away portion will be away from the half way line.

Dug Out

"However I do understand that it will affect a number of supporters and would like to sincerely apologise for any inconvenience. I do hope that the supporters disrupted by the relocation understand the reasoning behind the move and the fact that I genuinely believe it is in the best interests of the team."

Dug Out

As indicated by the artist`s impression the dugouts will extend back five rows from front to back whilst the surrounds of the dugouts are clear plexiglass. On The Bill Axbey Stand side of the ground the front row is actually below ground level. The seating area which we believe will be directly affected by the siting of the dugouts comprises Block E, Rows A to G, Seats 96 to 123 and supporters who hold Season Tickets in these areas have already been contacted as to other options.

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