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Posted on: Mon 04 Feb 2008

With the 50th anniversary of the Munich Air Crash this week, both Sky Sports and the BBC have recently given good coverage to a little known fact about Brentford Football Club.

At the time of Duncan Edwards's death, fifteen days after the crash on 6th February 1958, his local church, St Francis's Church in Dudley, where he was buried, appealed for assistance to fund the commissioning of memorial windows for the late England international.


Amazingly only two clubs responded, ourselves and Crystal Palace, and thanks to their donations two stained glass windows were purchased, one of which depicts our Club logo and the other Crystal Palaces (Brentford`s logo can be seen at the top of the left hand window). The windows were unveiled by Matt Busby in 1961.

Stained Window _300

Speaking to Father Geoff Johnston of St Francis's Church this morning he said that he would gladly welcome any Brentford fan who may wish to visit his church, which is in Laurel Road, Dudley, DY1 4AH. He also told me that there was to be a special memorial service in the Town Square at 11am on Thursday 21st February to which all were very welcome. For further information he is happy to take your call on 01384 350422.

Peter Gilham

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