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Posted on: Wed 25 Jul 2007

Paul Brooker has asked that we publish the following "statement" in which he talks candidly about the incident that took place at the final game of last season, during which he admits that he foolishly reacted to supporters' taunts, and also explains an incident in a recent friendly match.

Paul said:" Whilst I'm not using this as an excuse for my behaviour at the Tranmere game, I was very disappointed to have been substituted as would any player, and then on hearing the supporters` chants I stupidly gesticulated in the direction of the fans, instead of rising above it. I knew instantly I shouldn't have done it but it was irreversible and the damage had been done."


"Maybe I was also stupid to believe that it would all blow over, but as the pre season started I was ready to give of my best. However understandably people don't forget that easily and my inability to get a run out in the first few friendlies allied to comments said for my attention when leaving the field at Harrow, led to emotions heating up. Once again I humbly apologise for my part in this but we're all human I guess."

"I am still on contract with Brentford Football Club and my intention has, and continues to be, to give of my best whenever I wear the shirt. I hope that supporters will support and forgive me, as I want for Brentford what they also want, that is success, and I would like to be part of that success. My intention is to work particularly hard to earn the fans respect and hopefully hear my name chanted for all the right reasons."

Manager Terry Butcher said: "Paul's in the squad for tonight's game as he has done enough at the Training Ground to deserve inclusion. He's looked hungry for the ball and his speed is second to none. All in all he's worked very hard and has shown real spirit for the Club. What's happened in the past can't be changed But I believe he deserves a second chance and on the evidence of what I've seen he will get that chance. I request your support for Paul please"

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